About Us

Where music meets fashion. This is RAGGED. Published by COLLiDE and powered by American Rag clothing, each issue of RAGGED features full-length articles and photo spreads of today’s hottest artists sporting the latest collections by American Rag. In short, we’re here to give you a one-stop destination where you can find fresh inspiration for your personal style and a new favorite band on the same page. Pretty solid, right?

Every issue in full is available for FREE download right here at raggedmag.com, where you can get your fix while browsing our blog for all the latest music & fashion news. Check back often for exclusive giveaways, behind-the-scenes looks at our photoshoots, and much, much more. Make yourself at home and get inspired.

For more information on COLLiDE, head to wearecollide.com.

To purchase American Rag clothing, shop at Macy’s stores or at macys.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My life will not be complete until I have that amazing jacket on page 21. Where can I buy the clothes featured in RAGGED?
    Shop American Rag apparel exclusively at Macy’s stores or at macys.com.
  • I want to write for RAGGED! Will you hire me?
    To be considered, send your résumé and clips to Editor Rachael Roth, rachael.roth (at) wearecollide (dot) com.
  • I would like to take pictures for the magazine. Who do I contact?
    First things first, please note that we are NOT recruiting live performance photographers. If you have a portfolio of portraits (band or otherwise) and/or fashion work, please email your professional website address or any promos to Rachael Roth, rachael.roth (at) wearecollide (dot) com. We do not accept portfolio drop-offs, so if you are requesting a portfolio review and meeting in our Los Angeles office, you may do so in your email.
  • I have a great music or fashion scoop you should cover on the blog. Who should I contact?
    Please send all online pitches and press releases to Rachael Roth, rachael.roth (at) wearecollide (dot) com.
  • I am working with a band that you should feature in your next issue. How do I get the ball rolling?
    Direct all magazine pitches to Editor Rachael Roth, rachael.roth (at) wearecollide (dot) com.

Send any submissions, samples, and love letters to:

Ragged Magazine
Attn: Rachael Roth
5514 Wilshire Blvd, 9th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Note: We cannot return submissions.