Lucy Hale’s Third #ARALLACCESS Blog Post


June 30, 2014


WOW! This has been a truly fantastic experience! The American Rag All Access campaign was such a blast!

When I first heard about American Rag All Access, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of.  Not only do the clothes mirror my style aesthetic-  casual but cool, comfortable but stylish-the campaign celebrates my love of music. There were so many highlights over the past few months, it’s hard to say what my favorite moments were. Definitely one of them was performing at MACYS and getting to meet such amazing fans who came to celebrate with me! I was honored to be able to share that moment with everyone. I was even interviewed by a fan for RAGGED Magazine! She was such a pleasure and I’m so happy she was able to spend the time with me at MACYS.

Another very cool part of my involvement with All Access was when I was invited to the be the Editor At Large for RAGGED Magazine. I’m sure I drove the editor crazy with my many emails and ideas! A lot of work goes into putting a magazine together each month; I have such a new respect for what editors do!

Most of all though, my favorite part of All Access was getting the opportunity to connect with YOU! I can’t thank you enough for being the amazing, beautiful, smart, lovely people that you are. I hope you remember that dreams can and do come true. Never give up, remember you are capable of anything you want to accomplish in life! I believe in you and thank you for believing in me!

- Lucy

RAGGED Exclusive: Civil Twilight New Dawn


June 19, 2014

From the pages of RAGGED we’re psyched to give you an exclusive excerpt from our interview with one of our favorite bands Civil Twilight! Have you entered the Win The Shirt Off My Back Sweepstakes? You’ll want to after reading the entire article in the full issue download (for free!).


Steve and Andrew McKellar opt to sit on the porch of a local café. It’s uncharacteristically hot for mid-April, with the sun blazing across the shade-barren terrace. The coffee shop is meant to channel the Pacific Northwest, a part of the world that is near to Steve’s heart. Living life often on the road, McKellar has absorbed different cultures, soaking up the personalities of a variety of cities. Vancouver is a personal favorite.

“That part of the world. I remember the first time I went there, I thought, ‘I could definitely retire here as an old man and just play backgammon on the corner, the street corner, sipping coffee,’” he laughs.

Instead, they’re sipping coffee in Nashville, Tennessee. Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, the two brothers moved to the charming American Southern metropolis five years ago, by way of Los Angeles, after a short stint living in South Carolina. They have great affection for the city, for its vibrant culture and artistic communities. Plus, it is here that they met their fourth bandmate, Kevin Dailey.


Perhaps it is these fleeting places, coupled with nomadic months on tour, that allow Civil Twilight to craft such beautifully atmospheric compositions; their last album, Holy Weather, is packed to the brim with visceral emotion, expanding and compressing sounds that emulate the peaks and lulls of life.

Nostalgia accompanies the record; like a loyal friend, the feeling of places past creeps into every lyric. “It’s hard to avoid nostalgia in songs because even if you write about exactly what you’re going through in that very moment, which is very rare, as soon as that moment’s gone, it’s going to become nostalgic, so you can’t really avoid nostalgia. We can play with it. I like that idea.”

Having grown up in a very different Cape Town than the one that exists today, Steve and Andrew moved to America to realize their dreams of a musical career. “It was interesting to grow up in that time. It was a beautiful place and we were isolated from the rest of the world,” Steve says of their native city.


Civil Twilight Say Win The Shirt Off My Back!


June 16, 2014


Enter the #ARAllAccess Win The Shirt Off My Back Sweepstakes for your chance to win apparel & the latest issue of RAGGED Mag signed by Civil Twilight!!

To be entered to win this stylish prize follow American Rag/ Ragged Mag on Instagram (@RaggedMag) regram our contest photo, make sure to tag us and use #ARAllAccess.

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Exclusive Lucy Hale #ARAllAccess Macy’s In Store Performance


June 9, 2014


We can’t wait for Lucy Hale‘s #ARAllAccess In Store Performance this Saturday 6/14 12pm at Macy’s Sherman Oaks in LA! Who’s coming out?

Lucy Hale’s Second #ARAllAccess Blog Post


June 6, 2014


Having just witnessed the release of my debut album Road Between and having experienced a wide spectrum of emotions over the past few years while making the album, I thought it would be fitting to comment on the pursuit of your dreams!

It’s so easy to keep your dreams in a separate box in your mind, out of reach, never believing it can be a fully realized thing. Just an idea that you fantasize about. Simply an idea that you turn to and say “wouldn’t that be amazing if…”. I’m here to tell you that dreams can become reality!

You just have to get started. It’s that simple but I know how difficult the first step can be. Push aside your fears and take a giant leap forward! Know that the worse thing that can happen is that you fail and, oh well, you’re no worse off than when you started. You can learn from failure and try, try again. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

I had been dreaming about this album since I could walk and talk. I couldn’t go another year without giving it a try. I knew I’d rather fail miserably than live my life with the regret that I never tried. Luckily I was surrounded by people who also believed in me and supported every step I took.

So surround yourself with positive people, believe you can accomplish anything, move forward without fear and give it a try! I believe in you!

- Lucy

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