Charlie Worsham Southern Comfort


July 9, 2014


If Charlie Worsham’s career ever dries up, he knows exactly what he’d want to do next.

“I would want to be Anthony Bourdain,” the 28-year-old country artist says with a laugh. Busy globetrotting in support of his recently-released debut album Rubberband, Worsham reasons he’s already halfway there. Sure, his ingredients are a bit different—a dollop of bluegrass banjo, a splash of Southern charm and heavy helping of good old-fashioned storytelling. But the end game is quite similar: Pure entertainment served with a side of joy.

RAGGED caught up with Worsham shortly before his set at Stagecoach Music Festival to learn about his first songs, impressive gigs and the one rule he tries to live his life by.

When did music start for you?

My dad, when I was younger, played drums in a local band. Between all the music growing up and being incredibly bad at all types of sports, I never really had a choice. I was bound to play music.

What was the first song that you wrote?
The first couple of songs that I wrote were actually jingles for a local hair salon and a seed store. [Laughs] They paid me 100 bucks, each of them, and played them on the local radio station. I was hooked!

How does a 12-year-old end up performing at the Grand Ole Opry?
I played a banjo competition that had this prestigious title. It’s the Junior National Banjo Championship. I won! It’s in the hometown of Grand Ole Opry star Mike Snider. So I wrote him a letter and gave him the “wink-wink, hey, I’ve always been a fan of you and the Opry, I’d love to play that some day.” Next thing I know, he calls our house and invites me to play on the Opry. We went downtown and bought a rhinestone jacket so that I could look official. To this day, it’s one of the highlights of my life… That first time, I was too young to really get the full taste of nerves. It felt more like an out-of-body experience than anything else!


posted by Staff