Lucy Hale’s First #ARAllAccess RAGGED Blog Post


May 1, 2014


Recording an album is incredibly satisfying, intense, inspiring and surreal! Music has always been a beautiful part of my life. Melodies and lyrics that have lived only in my heart and mind are now given voice and that’s such a dream come true.

I’ve been blessed to have been able to collaborate with some super amazing and talented people on this album. That made the process of putting this album together that much more special. Knowing that I was going into the studio every day and night to work with such renowned writers and producers kept the bar raised. I knew I had to bring my best every moment and I believe it’s reflected in each and every song on this album.

I couldn’t have imagined what creating an album from start to finish entailed until I lived through the process. I can only say that this has been the time of my life!

- Lucy

posted by Staff