Lucy Hale’s Third #ARALLACCESS Blog Post


June 30, 2014


WOW! This has been a truly fantastic experience! The American Rag All Access campaign was such a blast!

When I first heard about American Rag All Access, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of.  Not only do the clothes mirror my style aesthetic-  casual but cool, comfortable but stylish-the campaign celebrates my love of music. There were so many highlights over the past few months, it’s hard to say what my favorite moments were. Definitely one of them was performing at MACYS and getting to meet such amazing fans who came to celebrate with me! I was honored to be able to share that moment with everyone. I was even interviewed by a fan for RAGGED Magazine! She was such a pleasure and I’m so happy she was able to spend the time with me at MACYS.

Another very cool part of my involvement with All Access was when I was invited to the be the Editor At Large for RAGGED Magazine. I’m sure I drove the editor crazy with my many emails and ideas! A lot of work goes into putting a magazine together each month; I have such a new respect for what editors do!

Most of all though, my favorite part of All Access was getting the opportunity to connect with YOU! I can’t thank you enough for being the amazing, beautiful, smart, lovely people that you are. I hope you remember that dreams can and do come true. Never give up, remember you are capable of anything you want to accomplish in life! I believe in you and thank you for believing in me!

- Lucy

posted by Staff