Exclusive Premiere: The Swellers Horse Around In “Hands”


November 14, 2012

From time to time, we like to feature bands that make plain old great music and today is one of those days. Hailing from Flint Michigan, The Swellers are a pop-punk band with catchy power chords, group vocals and choruses that are just begging for you to sing along. Check out our exclusive premiere of their new video for “Hands” off their new EP, Running Out Of Places To Go, which you can grab here.

As for the concept of the video, drummer and back-up vocalist Jono Diener said, “we wanted to make a stripped down, fun video at Nick’s house where we wrote and recorded most of our new EP. Our friend Andrew Juhl came up for a day to film it, we ate burritos and just had a good, relaxed time!


Being the great guys that they are, The Swellers are also donating 100% of their EP sales of Running Out Of Places To Go to the Sandy Relief NYC fund. For one week (starting today, 11/14), all proceeds of every EP sold will go directly to the Sandy fund.

You can learn more about the Occupy: Sandy Relief NYC program right here.

posted by Staff