RAGGED Premiere: Driver Friendly Strips Down “Run” For An Exclusive Acoustic Video


November 25, 2013

As much as we love electric guitars and pounding drums, sometimes it’s really cool to hear those fast-paced songs slowed down. Driver Friendly has done just that with their brand new video for the acoustic version of their single “Run.” And the other best part about this? You get the first look of this video here on RAGGED!

Check out what Driver Friendly’s drummer, Jeremi Mattern, thinks of this unique video:

“The vision for the video was spawned from the beat that bassist Chris Walker wrote one day. The revised version of the song is a bit more dance-y and features completely different instrumentation than the original. The video was filmed in one day, within various rooms of singer Tyler Welsh’s house. We wanted to present the song in almost completely different way from the original, but not strip it down to bare bones instrumentation. In a way, it was a challenge for us to see how much we could play around with different voicing instrumentally, while retaining the essence of the song. We hope you enjoy!”

So go on and watch these boys play a variety of instruments for this stripped down version of “Run” below and be sure to keep your eyes open for more new music we’ll send your way!

posted by Staff