About Us

Ragged Magazine is a captivating platform that explores and celebrates the inherent beauty in imperfection. Our mission is to challenge societal norms and redefine the concept of perfection by showcasing raw, untouched, and unapologetic content. Through our thought-provoking articles, stunning visuals, and authentic stories, we aim to promote self-acceptance, empowerment, and inspire a mindset of loving oneself flaws and all.

History and Founder

Ragged Magazine was founded in 2012 by the visionary Krista Turner. After experiencing the detrimental impact of societal pressures to conform to unrealistic beauty standards, Krista set out to create a space where individuals could find solace, inspiration, and embrace their unique identities. With her unwavering determination, passion for real stories, and drive for social change, Krista laid the foundation for what is now a revolutionary platform in the digital media landscape.

Creation of the Website

As technological advancements and the digital era continue to shape the way we consume media, the decision to create this website was driven by our desire to reach a broader audience and connect with individuals from all walks of life. Understanding the immense influence of online platforms, we recognized the need to adapt and evolve our approach to ensure our message of self-acceptance and body positivity could resonate with those who needed it most.

Objectives and Vision

At Ragged Magazine, our primary objective is to challenge the unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated by the media and empower individuals to embrace their uniqueness. We aim to dismantle the toxic culture of comparison by celebrating our readers’ authentic stories, curating diverse content, and highlighting the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Target Audience

Our platform is designed for those who seek enlightenment, inspiration, and encouragement within a world fixated on appearances. Through our articles, visuals, and real-life experiences shared by everyday individuals, we engage with readers who are tired of being dictated by society’s narrow ideals and instead embrace their own truth.

Unique Value Proposition

The key differentiator of Ragged Magazine lies in our team’s unwavering commitment to authenticity, integrity, and sensitivity. Every article, interview, and feature goes through a meticulous creative process, ensuring that our content upholds the highest quality standards and resonates with our readers on a profound level. With a team of experienced and highly skilled editors and members who are genuinely passionate about promoting self-acceptance, readers can trust in the genuine messages that Ragged Magazine delivers.

Ragged Magazine embarks on a continuous journey to deconstruct harmful beauty norms and replaces them with an inclusive space free from judgment. We understand that everyone has imperfections, and it is within those flaws that we find true beauty. Join us as we explore and celebrate the ragged, authentic, and perfectly imperfect stories that make up our extraordinary world.

Embrace your imperfections. Celebrate the ragged.

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